What I hope you remember

To my little ones, You will look back at this time in your life forever. And I hope you remember these smiles above it all. As much as we tried to protect you from everything around us, we were also honest. You understood there was a virus that spread across the world. People became very [...]

Disruption fuels creativity

While our communities are quarantined, we hear stories of kids missing milestones. Graduation. Prom. Senior year of baseball as the Captain. Or for littles, maybe their first season of kids' pitch. I think sometimes we feel our kids need these milestones to feel 'accomplished'. Like they have to experience these peaks and rites of passage or they [...]

My story

Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed absolute devastation across the country, often at the hands of those with mental illness. And I’ve found myself imagining a world where there is no stigma to mental illness. How things might have been different for these tragedies. But more importantly, how things could be different moving forward. [...]

We all have a story to tell

I recently watched part of a TED Talk with Dave Isay, who believes, “Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear”. He founded StoryCorps, an organization that invites friends, loved ones, and strangers to tell their stories, with the hope to offer moving and surprising glimpses into the hearts of often marginalized [...]