Intervention accepted. My name is Shannon. And I am a Monica.

For those of us who grew up watching “Friends”, you know Monica.

And Monica drove most people nuts.

Not me. I loved her.

And recently, I have begun to understand why.

She loves a good clean house and she’s a little extreme (she once described her dry cleaner as her Disneyland).

You see, I relate to her on many levels.

Type ‘A’ personality.


Obsessive-compulsive nature.



Check. It’s possible I have thrown golf clubs once or twice

Doesn’t trust a cleaning lady to clean to her standards.

Check. Except when finally gave in.

Great cook.

Check. Um, nope, not that one.

Ok, I digress. So I like a clean house. What’s wrong with that, right?

I know, I know….

As a mother, I should accept that a messy house is a sign of a happy home. Focus less on what needs to be done and preserve the memories happening right in front of me. Kids don’t care about having a clean house.

Yada yada yada.

What about me!?

I’m sorry, but when my bathroom smells like an outhouse because no one can aim into the bowl, or when I have to play hopscotch from room to room to avoid hockey sticks and legoes, or, I don’t know….I sit on cheese-it crumbs every. damn. time. I try to sit on our couch….

I get irritable, ok?

Call me crazy, but there is something positively glorious about walking into a clean room.

Toys nestled in their tiny little color-coded boxes.

Streak-free appliances.

Toothpaste crust-free sinks.

Walking barefoot without the potential of sand, gum, water, or leftover nutrigrain bars under me.

Windows I can see through.

And carpet I can walk across.

Oh, and bathrooms. Bathrooms that smell of sweet cinnamon and fresh linen on a summer day.

I can’t help it.

It calms me. Bring me peace. And puts little spring in my step, really.

Being a mother of two boys, I understand its simply not realistic to maintain this, but I do relish in the hours before my boys come home after the house is cleaned.

I breathe in it. I walk around the house and do a little dance.


And then by dinner time, the moment is gone.

Kellen has usually dumped pencil shavings or bubbles on the floor and Declan has paid a visit to the bathroom. And well, you know what happens then.

Until next time.

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