Keep calm. We’re going on holiday.


‘Tis the season of pink eye, strep throat, and the flu. Amazon packages piling up at the doorstep. Falling off the diet bandwagon, and lots of quality time with the kiddos at home. And we can’t forget the joy of hiding that damn elf on a shelf.

Have you been taking care of yourself this holiday season?

Like most moms, I am not always good at prioritizing myself. BUT, but I am trying! This is me leaving my therapist’s office today, and it felt SO good! Something I don’t share often, but I’ve gotta tell ya, I think everyone should have a therapist. I mean, it’s like having a new best friend to help you navigate through the shit show we all call life.

shan holiday

Except this person isn’t embedded in your day-to-day, so its a fresh perspective and objective dialogue – without any judgment. And you feel so. much. better.

I get it. There is a stigma around needing therapy. And it might feel weird to pay someone to talk to you. But I would argue it’s not either. You go see a doctor for year check-ups, right? To make sure your body is in tiptop shape? Or, if things don’t feel right in your body. Why should taking care of your mental health be any different?

In fact. Forbes says, “Not only do successful people not fear therapy, they embrace it. It’s a tool that creates success. Smart people use it.”


Still not convinced?

  • It can improve physical symptoms (stomach aches, headaches, sleeping problems are ALL reactions to stress)
  • It helps with suppressed emotions that would otherwise come back later in life
  • It gives you a whole new perspective on other people (people may not drive you as nuts)
  • It helps prepare you for future curve balls (let’s face it, life is never planned)
  • It shows you that you are truly never alone (THIS!)
  • And, it rewires your brain (the coolest reason, it can alter your brain’s ability to manage executive control, emotion and fear)

Read Forbes’ full article on 11 Intriguing Reasons to Give Therapy a Try.

Just promise me you take care care of yourself this holiday season. Whatever that means for you. 😊


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